Dawn Elizabeth Peterson, journal excerpts

“Outside, I can hear the universe laughing.”

“The only certainty I have in life is that I feel it all intensely and that I wish to do all I can as best I can until I die. The terrible intensity of the present instant is as much as I can deal with, instant to instant. I cast nets of survival into the future and drag myself up to them. So far, we are a million miles at sea.”

“I desperately, one could almost say crazily, long for acceptance and recognition in my society. It is a deep emotion in me that goes back right to my earliest memories. My work as a sculptor is my vehicle of this emotion, or motivation. The carvings I do are my means to this end. The actual feeling I have is that I am cut off from society in some way I am too crazy to understand. I am unacceptable in the balance of society. Sculpture is the way I can redeem my lost self and love and kinship with the human culture. My works of art are out cries that “I am here. I exist.” That is why I carve stones. In those stones are reflections of myself. People see me. I am not invisible. I am beauty– not loneliness.”