Roudané has filmed and edited many videos that are not available online. Please contact her if you are interested in organizing a screening or learning more.

La RedadaThe Raid (La Redada) 2007: 11min. Spanish with English subtitles.

Co-wrote, co-produced, and edited documentary on the impact of immigration raids in Portland, Oregon

La Calera y Cahuaré

La Calera y Cahuaré 2011: 30min. Spanish

Wrote, filmed, and edited documentary as part of an effort to organize neighbors against a factory affecting local health and environment.

La Otra ComunicaciónLa Otra Comunicación 2009: 8min. Spanish with English, French, German, Italian subtitles

Edited and post-produced video on Zapatista community communication using archival footage. Distributed internationally in ProMedios de Comunicación Comunitaria’s VIZA: Videografia Zapatista compilation. Watch here in Spanish.

Marcha de SilvicultoresSilvicultores 2008: 5min. Spanish

Shot and edited coverage of statewide tree-farmers mobilization.

Carnaval, Tenejapa 2012: Spanish

Shot and digitalized material for a doctorate thesis on the carnival celebration in Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico.

Cine Minutos El Triunfo 2015: 3 min. Spanish

Worked as a camerawoman on a 5-day shoot in Mexico’s Triunfo rainforest reserve to create three short promotional videos. Directed by Vientos Culturales.

Tener Fuerzas 2010: 14min. Spanish

Filmed, and edited testimony of four women from Central America on their organizing experiences.